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Starting with the work group "hill" released in 2017, he has released a number of experimental works through exhibitions and publications. In recent years, his personal works have been expressed in ways that are the opposite of the characteristics of photography, which are "record'' and "representation.'' The approach is wide-ranging, including effective film photographic expression using chemicals, and "luminous bodies'' (2018), which was produced using a method that captures bugs that occur due to strain on the storage capacity of old PC. "autonomy'' (2019), he has continued to experiment with expanding photographic expression through his work, such as using AI to generate new iconography from the countless photographs he has taken. From analog to artificial intelligence, in the project "cejitos" (2023), he continues to consciously confront the current situation in the history of photography by incorporating a wide range of production methods, from unconscious typing to fieldwork in the United States.


​Aoki Syuya​

1998  Born in Akita,Japan

2017  Dropped out from Tokyo Polytechnic University Department of Photography.


​Solo Exhibition           

​"cejitos(AS1211) / HECTARE gallery, Tokyo, 2023

"cejitos (M1135) / LAID BUG, Tokyo, 2022

"autonomy"/ gallery class, Tokyo, 2019

"autonomy" / TERRACESQUARE #12, Tokyo, 2019

"luminous body's" / zakura tokyo, Tokyo, 2018

" connect_un _conenct " / balearic.inshokuten, Tokyo, 2018  

"shell" / Shonan T-SITE TUTAYA Bookshop, Kanagawa, 2017

"hill" /, Tokyo, 2017

Group Exhibition

"Circular The Ordinary with ahare / 二手舎, Kyoto, 2023 

"アトランティック・タッチ" / BOOTLEG gallery, Tokyo, 2023

"MALOU A-F " / block house, Tokyo, 2022

"EDWIN 503 ×503 BY PHOTOGRAPHERS" / the corner, Tokyo, 2019

"kaiki 2020 ss photo installation" / oz studio, Tokyo,2019

"HUMAN" issue now/ Musashino Art University, Tokyo, 2017  



​"cejitos (AS1211) original photobook", 2023

"Epoch:[0/1000[3/17]time:14.7903 d__loss:25.77421379 g__loss:24.8 from autonomy. ", 2019

"0020", 2019 


"hilll"​" over the hill far away"

shell 2017







​noko Inc  | 株式会社ノウコ

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