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cejitos (M1135)  

Aoki is a Tokyo-based photographer who has presented many experimental works through exhibitions and publications, starting with the group of works “hill” announced in 2017.

In recent years, in his personal work, his beautiful abstract photographs with a unique texture, which are at the opposite end of the characteristics of photography, such as "recording" and "concrete", have drawn a lot of attention.
His approach is diverse, starting with effective film photographic expression using chemicals, and ``luminous body's'' (2018) is produced using a method to capture bugs caused by overloading the storage capacity of old PCs, and ``autonomy''. (2019), he has continued to experiment with expanding photographic expression through the production of works, such as generating new iconography using AI from the countless photographs he has taken.
His experimental production method is exactly the ambitious attitude of trying to deeply understand the increasingly complex photographic medium. By incorporating a wide range of production methods, from analog to artificial intelligence, Aoki has continued to consciously face the current situation in the history of photography.
This exhibition consists of about 40 photographic works, and you can see the various approaches that Aoki has taken on in recent years, as well as new attempts such as installations using fixtures.

The title of the exhibition, "cejitos," is a character string that Aoki accidentally typed on the keyboard, and it has no direct meaning. However, when I searched, it overlapped with the name given to one Mexican wolf. The act of adopting this beautiful coincidence as it is in the title itself expresses Aoki's attitude toward the creation of his work.

This exhibition is an exhibition that looks back on my own photography life.  I call these photo timelines 'pseudo timelines'. In this 'pseudo-timeline' I have tried various things.
I still don't fully understand what it means or what I want to do. "This place was a white box until a few days ago." It is now filled by my 'pseudo-timeline'. We will call it cejitos this exhibition.

We will investigate based on the enlarged map.  I was connected from the time I started taking pictures until now. Non-existent female moth.  reborn?  The souls of the dead wandered into the stairs.  The stone will continue the relationship semi-permanently. This exhibition allowed us to expand the map.  cejitos, moths, my paint scattered.  I thought I should keep an eye on them.  I will expand the map from the trivial events that happened in front of me.
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