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cejitos (AS1211)  

This exhibition begins with a single coincidence.

This project "cejitos" began when I unconsciously typed "cejitos" on the keyboard when deciding on the title for an exhibition I went to last year with the theme of mourning. A search for this character yielded the name of a wolf living at a wolf haven international in Washington State, USA. Also, I encountered a moth in the gallery during the setting up of the previous exhibition. The moth planted its eggs on the steps of the gallery and soon died out. A larva is born from the egg and becomes a pupa, and I thought that I should visit the area where "cejitos" live now, so I visited America where "cejitos" live.
Also, among the indigenous people of the area where cejitos live, there is a legend that moths are the souls of the dead, and I will record these coincidences happening in front of my eyes through photographs.
All of these events are events that could have happened because I "taken" a photograph, and the act of taking a photograph makes me realize again that it expands my map.
And for those who see this exhibition, the existence of moths gives rise to chronostasis, and this project "cejitos" will be sublimated.

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