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cejitos (AS1211)

A collection of photography for the exhibition.

The project called cejitos (AS1211). Guided by cejitos.

A documentary photograph of the area where the cejitos live.

Edition of 1

297×122mm​, p.444

laser print

Not for Sale


This project produced a catalog for the "nokemono" exhibition held last year as an artwork "MALOU" limited to 30 copies.

Unlike previous exhibition catalogs, it includes a contract for the sale and purchase of an exhibition. At the same exhibition, an installation based on "MALOU'' will be exhibited.

The members are curator Maaru Hiyama, designer Heijiro Yagi, photographer Syuya Aoki, and planner Yama Yoshida.

​Sold out


edition of 33.


​Sold out

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